Cadets Marches into Dordrecht


One of the main characters of the book, Major John Cenney, has arrived in The Netherlands for the book launch and the opening of the exhibition. During the setup of the "Cadets" exhibition in the National Education Museum in the Dutch town of Dordrecht he applied his knowledge of how to correctly wear the uniform to dressing a mannequin. The uniform is modeled after that of another principal character in the book, cadet Riley Sabol, who also donated her iconic high laced shoes as a prop for the display. 

At the Printer's


"Cadets" has been printed yesterday and today at Lecturis in Eindhoven, a city in the south of The Netherlands. Lecturis is a renowned Dutch printing house. It was founded in 1922 as a publishing company.
Designer Peter Jonker and I were invited to be present during the actual printing. I was very happy with that – after all, this final stage of the production of the book was the first where I didn’t control every last detail – I had to trust the printers. The three that we worked with over the course of two days really understood that.