"Cadets" in Our Town


There are many small weekly or monthly publications in the five towns that are part of the Fall Mountain Regional School District. Most of those are put together by dedicated volunteers who gather all kinds of local news. These newspapers are free and very well read by the citizens of the towns. Our Town is a monthly publication that is published in Charlestown, NH. It is printed the old fashioned way: in black and white on paper, which still has a lot of charm. Look up close and you can see that the photos are build up of tiny ink dots.

Dutch Newspaper Trouw

uniform inspection

The Dutch national daily paper Trouw published three pages about "Cadets". The newspaper was one of the financial backers of the book project, together with the Fund for Special Journalism Projects in The Netherlands. Their support made it possible for me to spend more time on research, the interviews and writing the story.
You can read the story here (it's in Dutch): http://www.trouw.nl/tr/nl/5009/Archief/archief/article/detail/3435054/20...

Cadets Has Come Home!


After a long journey from Eindhoven, through Roosendaal and Amsterdam in the Netherlands, via Brussels in Belgium to Cincinatti, OH, and Boston, MA, the boxes with Cadets books have finally arrived in tiny Drewsville, New Hampshire. On June 4th the book will be officially presented at Fall Mountain Regional High School, home of the JROTC Wildcat Battalion. The story of which the book tells.



Major John Cenney, one of the main characters of the book "Cadets", in the radio studio of the Dutch broadcasting company NCRV, while Jurgen van den Berg, host of the Saturday morning life radio show "Cappuccino", with a million listeners, prepares his interview with us by leafing through the book.

Dutch Radio


Major John Cenney and I are invited to come to talk tonight about "Cadets" in the renowned Dutch National Radio late news show "Met het oog op morgen" (With the Eye on Tomorrow). It is a live show. We will be on the air at around 11.45 p.m.

Cadets is mentioned on the radio program's website next to president Obama.

Yesterday the books arrived from the printer and book binder. They look fabulous!