Dutch Celebration


The Consul General of The Netherlands in New York, Rob de Vos, and the Photoville 2015 team invited Dutch photographers to celebrate the Dutch presentations at this year’s festival.

Photoville features four Dutch photography exhibitions: “20 Emerging European Photographers,” presented by International Photo Festival Leiden; “Data Rush,” presented by Noorderlicht Photography Foundation; work by 28 Dutch photographers in the exhibition “Face the Dutch,” and “Cadets”.

The little party kicked off at my Cadets Container with remarks by the Consul General of The Netherlands in New York, Rob de Vos, and Photoville founders Laura Roumanos, Dave Shelley and Sam Barzilay. To my surprise, honor and delight, I learned from their comments that Cadets is the first Dutch solo-exhibition at Photoville.

Dutch Culture USA has been one of the major partners of Photoville since its founding in 2012. It is the division of the Kingdom of the Netherlands’ government that supports and promotes arts and culture from the Netherlands in the United States. Dutch Culture USA is one of the sponsors of the Cadets exhibition. I am very grateful for this support, and for the introduction of my work by its Director for Visual Arts, Architecture and Design, Robert Kloos, to Photoville founder Sam Barzilay.

The remarks at the Cadets Container were short, upbeat and to the point, after which the Dutch guests and their hosts relocated to the festival’s beer garden to offer a toast on the continuing cooperation between the Dutch and Photoville in the future.